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HOOPLOVERS have been mesmerizing crowds of children and adults for years with their action packed hula hoop shows. On podiums, in playgrounds, on world stages, in clubs, at schools, on beaches, in restaurants, backyards, studios and stadiums.

Deanne Love and her hoop loving troupe will add unique, dazzling, energetic movement art to your next event. Wow your crowd and stimulate your senses with a HOOPLOVERS interactive show, spinning hoop disco or stage show. Perhaps a hoop star birthday party, ladies night spin out or corporate playshop for your and your co-workers is more to your liking.

LED hoops, kira kira sparkle or even fire hula hoops. HOOPLOVERS can provide you with a power burst of passionate color and hoops or an extended interactive play shop that will induce laughter, amp up energy and spirits all round.

Contact us with your vision and we will create a hoop spectacular that is right for you no matter how huge or intimate.

Solo Performances

Deanne Love, the founder of HOOPLOVERS, regularly performs Hoop Dance shows for corporate and private parties as well as kid's events and a variety of celebrations. She has traveled the world sharing her individual style of hoop love and performed on stages in Australia, Asia and the US.


Kids Shows

Kids love hoops there is no doubt about it and when the HOOPLOVERS rock in with their sparkling bundle of hoops and high energy interactive show the crowd goes wild. Deanne Love, Mikori and the HOOPLOVERS troupe are a dazzling, bilingual team that will have your party or event in a spin.

Hoop Troupe

Imagine a room full of sparkling hoop stars, spinning multiple LED hula hoops to entertain your guests. An adventure for the senses is what the HOOPLOVERS Hoop Troupe provide. Swirling energy, fabulous costumes, eye catching moves.


Available for Solo Performances, Hoop Troupe Shows, LED Light Shows, Interactive Parties, Fire Hoop Shows, Fire Hoop and Fire Poi/Staff, Hoop Dance Performance Choreography.


Deanne onTokyo MX TV

Family Hoop Show

HOOPLOVERS in the Club

Outdoor Hoop Jam - Yoyogi Park

Deanne Love Supersonic UK

HOOPLOVERS @ Bloombergs Family Day

Some previous events include...

● Puzzle Dust Circus Showcase
● Hoopy Happening Sydney
● Community Gala Ivanhoe
● Hoop Lounge Tokyo
Carnivale - German Embassy Tokyo
Supersonic UK - Super Deluxe
Bunny Burlesque Birthday - Ageha Salon
● Tropical Fruits New Years Eve - Australia

● Tokyo Fashionista Christmas Party
● 57 Corporate Bonenkai
● FEW Bonenkai
● Jungle Gum Opening at Xex
● FAB Academy Birthday Celebration
● Care Center in Kanagawa
● Barclays Family Day - Roppongi Hills
● Halloween Party Oct. Tokyo Salon
● Baby loves Disco Oct, Omotesando Hills
● Baby loves Disco Sep, Tokyo Big Site
● Bloomberg Summer Festival, Set 2
● Hikari Matsuri, Kanagawa, August 7 → Movie
● Hoopdance Kids Show, Osaka, Ishikawa, June and July
● World Laughter Day, Yoyogi Park, May 2
● Tokyo Exotica @ Tokyo Salon, March 27
● Sekai Marumie Tokusoubu NihonTV Channel 4
● The Golden Hour, TOKYO MX TV
● CLSA JAPAN GALA @Ageha, Feb 21
● Marc Jacobs Baby Loves Disco, @57 Roppongi
● Love Confessions, @57 Roppongi, Feb 14
● Guy Perryman Supersonic, @F Bar, Azabujuban, Jan 30


● FEW Bonenkai, Shirokanedai, December 10
● Le Baron Circus, Aoyama, December 22
● Ko Kimura @ AIR, Daikanyama, December 25
● NYE, 57 Roppongi
● Hiroo Fitness Bonenkai, Hiroo, December 4
● Jet Set UK, CLASKA Meguro, November 28
● FAB Academy Opening Party, Roppongi, November 20
● Hoop Empire DVD Launch, Sydney Australia, November 14
● Dr Sketchy's Art Show, Pink Cow Harajuku, September 23
● ZERO HOUR 6th Anniversary, Roppongi September 19
● Vitamin Water, Harajuku H&M
● Neon Nation, Le Baron de Paris
● Australia Day Gala Ball, Grand Hyatt Tokyo
● Kichijoji Vibe Tribe, Kichijoji Tokyo
● Sydney Mardi Gras Parade, Australia 2009
● Club Kooky Space Babe Landing, Sydney
● Customs House Hoop Invasion, Sydney
● Fuse Bar, Sydney Mardi Gras


● STITCH @ Velours, Tokyo
● Bondi Beach, Sydney
● ABM @ JZ Brat, Tokyo
● Earth Day Hoop Matsuri, Yoyogi Park
● Illusions @ 57, Roppongi
● DJ Cat's Pussy Party @ The Warehouse, Azabu Juban
● Sky High @ The Mado Lounge, Roppongi Hills
● A Fresh, NHK Stage, Shibuya
● Golden @ Super Deluxe, Roppongi
● Guy Perryman Sky High @ the Mado Lounge, Roppongi Hills
● Lucina Opening Party @ CLASKA
● Metropolis Party @ Feria Roppongi
● Barack the Vote @ Super Deluxe,Roppongi
● Love Fest Parade, San Francisco
● Fujimamas 10th Anniversary, Fujimamas, October 23
● Glitterball, WOMB, October 30 (Tokyo Hoop Stars)
● Metropolis International Party, Feria, November 1
● Dr Sketchy's Art Show, La Boheme Aoyama, November 22
● Shu Sanctuary Press Conference, Midtown, November 27
● Trends and Friends, Ultra Lounge Roppongi, November 29
● Dutch embassy Bonenkai, December 11
● Spaceman, Ultra Lounge, November 12
● Mado Lounge Roppongi Hills, December 13



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