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Hula Hoop Fitness and Workouts. HOOPLOVERS Video Class Hoop Flow SessionsHula Hoop Fitness and Workouts. HOOPLOVERS Video Class Hoop Flow Sessions

Hulahoop Dance Video Lesson On BodyHulahoop Dance Video Lesson On Body

B&B On Body Video

This downloadable video lesson shares all the tips and tricks you will need to kickstart your on body hoop dancing journey.
Cost $10-
>> Download On Body Video

Hulahoop Dance Video Lesson Off BodyHulahoop Dance Video Lesson Off Body

B&B Off Body Video

This video is a playful series of lessons to launch you from executing basic hand tricks to activating advanced flow and technique.
Cost $10-
>> Download Off Body Video

Hulahoop Dance Video Lesson  SequencesHulahoop Dance Video Lesson  Sequences

B&B Sequences

This video includes 7 hoop dance sequences with various tricks, transitions and techniques shared in Beginners & Beyond On Body and Off Body videos as well as the Transitions and Turns video.
Cost $10-
>> Download Sequences

HOOPLOVERS Twin Hulahoop Lesson Part1HOOPLOVERS Twin Hulahoop Lesson Part1

Twin Double Trouble Part1

This video is to explore foundation twin spinning, directions, reversals, turns, transitions, tricks and twin super powers. Beginners use this collection of lessons as a support on your beginning journey with twins, it is never too early or late to start.
Cost $10-
>> Download Twins Part1

Hula Hoop Video Lesson Transitions and TurnsHula Hoop Video Lesson Transitions and Turns

Transitions and Turns

The combining agent is the transitions that synchronize all of the moves and allow you to fluidly accelerate or float from one to the next.
Cost $10-
>> Download Transitions and Turns Video

Hula Hoop Video Lesson Mandala VariationsHula Hoop Video Lesson Mandala Variations

MANDALA Variations

Unlock your 360 degrees of hooping!
In this video we will tap into the multitude of variations that the body and hoop can make while playing with the Mandala move.
Cost $10-
>> Download Mandala Variations Video

HOOPLOVERS Video Classes Special OfferHOOPLOVERS Video Classes Special Offer